Business Services

Communication has always been a key element to any successful business.  From the simplest telephone switch to the most sophisticated computer network, a structured cabling system lies beneath it all.  J&J Communications, LLC is a provider of high-speed data, voice and video network solutions.  We plan, design, install, certify and support copper and fiber optic cabling systems throughout Washington State.  From small office buildings to large multi-site campuses - our team of professionals has designed and installed thousands of structured cabling systems, providing millions of data, voice and video drops.  We install a variety of media such as fiber optic cable, Category 5e, 6 and 6A for universal voice and data infrastructure.

We are an innovative leader in the cabling industry, employing experienced technicians with specialized training and certification in cabling technologies and system integration.  This team while focusing on structured cabling architecture, is fully qualified to support the integration of all network architectures and topologies as well as active network devices such as  CSU / DSU's, routers and network switches.  As a manufacturer-certified installation company for both Leviton connectivity and Mohawk cabling products, we can convey comprehensive manufacturer warranties to our customers over and above our standard J&J Communications 25 year guarantee of quality.

All of our services are provided while meeting stringent EIA / TIA standards, complying with state and local regulatory agency guidelines and customer requirements and specifications.  J&J Communications, LLC can provide a complete turnkey solution for your structured cabling needs.

Structured Cabeling

Moves Adds Changes (MAC)

J&J Communications, LLC provides MAC services through on an on-call / as-needed basis. Our services are tailored to your unique requirements providing optimum “up-time” for your network and maximum productivity for your company.  At one time or another all organizations experience some sort of change.  Moving or adding staff, or even changing office locations, is a matter of course in modern business.  Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC) to communications systems can prove to be costly and disruptive to any business.  Most modern IT organizations are taxed just to keep up with day-to-day activities.

 As a BICSI corporate member, we have the resources to help you with your project.  We use a team approach to deliver design, engineering, installation and implementation of a complete communications structured cabling infrastructure.  This includes: structured cabling system design, installation and certification by our certified technicians *(includes warranties by the manufacturer), and all coordinated by our skilled project management team.

Additionally, J&J Communications can provide trained staff to support the relocation and redeployment of your existing cabling system and the data network infrastructure.  Whether you are interested in a turn-key IT infrastructure design and relocation or need assistance with your structured cabling project, J&J Communications is ready to help.

Technology Rollouts

Since 2006 J&J Communications has been a provider of high-speed technology rollouts. J&J Communications is a leader in multi-site, multi-service, multi-technology rollouts for commercial and government organizations in the Pacific Northwest.

We provide, manage and support our local onsite technicians to deploy infrastructure technology, relay technical knowledge quickly and accurately throughout the Northwest.

With the ever-changing technology, Industry and regulations you need a technology rollout company that is flexible, reliable and can adapt itself in order to meet the needs of the customer.

Demarc Extensions

In telecommunications, a demarc extension is the transmission path originating from the interface of the access provider's side of a telecommunications circuit demarcation point within a premise and ending at the termination point prior to the interface of the edge Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). This may include in-segment equipment, media converters and patch cords as required to complete the circuit's transmission path to the edge CPE.

J&J Communications provides all services and equipment necessary to connect the circuit to your internal network equipment, including Demarc Extensions -- the transmission path from the access provider's Demarcation point to the edge of the end user's network.  We provide facility cabling, circuit testing and maintenance.

J&J Communications can deliver an accelerated and exceptional level of service for the installation of your demarc extension.  It is through our experience of completing thousands of demarc extensions that we are able to provide you and your team with the expertise to get your jobs done rapidly and right the first time.